Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ballet Central

Florestan pas de trois/ Insinuare/ Fireside pas de deux/ anon., Ballet Central, The Platform Theatre - reviewed on 12th July

Photo: Bill Cooper
A fire alarm delayed Ballet Central's performance for more than 40 minutes, and students were forced to stand waiting (tutu-clad) outside the theatre alongside members of their audience. Nevertheless, when the show was able to commence, the dancers seemed entirely unfazed, and gave a pleasing (though sadly shortened) performance.

Opening the bill was the Florestan trio from Sleeping Beauty, which was danced excellently by Laura Boulter and Kotoko Yamamoto alongside Christopher Furlong. Next was Sara Matthews and Leanne King's neatly performed contemporary Insinuare and Christopher Gable's sweet (though overly sentimental) Fireside pas de deux from Cinderella.

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly Christopher Marney's anon., about a geeky but endearing young girl who is transported to diverse and exciting places through her books. Having seen Marney's recent War Letters for Ballet Black (which had some nice ideas but didn't come together as a whole), I was pleasantly surprised by the success and charm of this ballet. At a Friday afternoon matinee, I also felt it was an ideal subject for the many schoolchildren present, hopefully inspiring a love for both dance and reading.

In roles from ballroom dancers and footballers to underwater nymphs and even a postman, the company truly shone, with Victoria Nyström as a particularly lovely leading lady. It may have taken three quarters of an hour for the theatre to be declared safe post-fire alarm drama, but Ballet Central were well worth waiting for.

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