Monday, 16 September 2013

Christmas Presents for Ballet Lovers

It's only 100 days until 25th December and therefore time to start thinking about Christmas presents! Here are my suggestions for great gifts for ballet lovers:
1. Theatre tickets
The best gift has to be tickets to a live ballet performance, especially if you can get a nice pair of seats and enjoy the evening with a couple of glasses of champagne! If you're not sure which show to choose though, theatre tokens offer a good alternative.
Released on 22 October, this is an insight into the world of internationally-renowned star, Natalia Osipova, as she prepared to perform the lead role in Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House last year. With 150 black and white photos by Royal Ballet dancer Andrej Uspenski, I'm sure this will be a great book and a fitting tribute to a superb ballerina.
This documentary follows six aspiring dancers as they enter  one of the world's most prestigious ballet competitions, the Youth America Grand Prix, in a fascinating showcase of talent and determination.
4. A ballerina pendant
There are lots to choose from, all hand-made from Sterling silver and plated with white gold. I particularly like this one of a grand jeté.
5. Tyrell Katz ballet print items
Tyrell Katz makes a range of useful objects from bags to water bottles and bowls covered in a delightful pink pattern with cartoon figures performing ballet steps and positions (pictured). If you don't know which item would be best, I suggest this rather lovely umbrella.
Featuring five ballets including Tamara Rojo's farewell performance of Marguerite and Armand, this is a DVD that displays both the Royal Ballet's excellence and the incredible talent of choreographer Frederick Ashton.
7. Binoculars
The essential item for any ballet lover who sits in the cheap seats.
8. A ballet poster
The Royal Opera House have lots of lovely ones, but if you fancy something Christmas-themed, try this one of Sarah Lamb in The Nutcracker.
A charming book, with pictures of dancers in all manner of everyday situations from hair salons and bookshops to the beach. It really does celebrate the joy and 'dance' in every day.
10. Ballet-themed bath products
The Royal Ballet have this overpriced but very posh hand and foot cream set, made by Berkeley Square Cosmetics, and there's even a ballet dancer photograph on the box.
Merry Christmas!

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