Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ballet Adverts

Is it 'Strictly' fever or has ballet become trendy? Whatever the reason, dance is definitely getting more exposure in popular culture. Here are the some of the best adverts using ballet and dance to sell their products.

Using Royal Ballet stars Steven McRae and Thiago Soares as well as guest artist Iana Salenko, this advert reinvents The Nutcracker into an alpha male battle over a woman in Candyland. Whilst the ending caption (recommending spending time with the girls) seems misplaced, there is some great choreography (by Benjamin Millipied) and I especially love the pointe shoe punch-kick!
English National Ballet dancer and artistic director Tamara Rojo shows her moves to represent the precision and strength of Lexus cars, with a tagline of "a stronger body for greater control":
Levi's Stretch to Fit Jeans
Dancers from Korea National Ballet take to the streets of Seoul to show that Levi's new denim legwear stretches with movement. It's beautiful choreography against an even more beautiful city backdrop:

Citroen DS3
Arsenal football players join English National Ballet dancers to show that a new Citroen car is "refined, redefined":

And here are a few others...

Haagen-Dazs 'Melt Together' - including the Ukrainian National Ballet  performing Swan Lake

Gap - hip hop dancer Lil' Buck shows how "denim moves you"

Volvo Trucks 'The Epic Split' - not strictly dance but Jean-Claude Van Damme's daring stretch proves that Volvo's vehicles have precise steering. Just one question: why are the trucks reversing instead of driving forwards?

Smiths Lites - ballet dancers show that these crisps are "the daintiest way to stuff your face"

Volkswagen Polo - tango is used here to demonstrate the car's combination of toughness and beauty

Nike - this Russian ad for the popular sportswear brand features a street dancer and ballet dancer battling it out
Malteasers - ballet dancers were advertising these chocolate treats all the way back in 1993

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