Saturday, 29 March 2014

A Ballerina's Journey into Warriorhood

Exodus, The Crossword Ballet, Swiss Church - reviewed on 28th March
"Empowerment" is the word on Symeon Kyriakopoulos's lips as he introduces the Crossword Ballet's debut performance.
At the Swiss Church in Covent Garden (with an altar forming part of the stage), ballet meets martial arts as a young ballerina “journeys into warriorhood”. Though the recorded voiceover is largely incomprehensible, the strength, precision and power required in the choreography’s divergent movement forms is displayed effectively.
It is when lead dancer Michelle Buckley is onstage and her movements are kept simple that Exodus is most effective. The piece could use refinement and especially a clearer narrative, but Kyriakopoulos’s vision excites and I look forward to seeing more from the Crossword Ballet.

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