Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Top Five Online Destinations for Dance

Lauren Cuthbertson in Romeo and Juliet
Photo: Bill Cooper / ROH
Looking for some rainy day entertainment? Here are my top five websites for dance news and inspiration:

1. Londondance
A great range of features, interviews, news and reviews about dance in London. There are also listings of local jobs, events, classes and opportunities.

2. Royal Opera House
The ROH site has an array of features related to Royal Ballet productions, with video clips of rehearsals, Q&As with dancers and insights into ballets in the repertoire.

3. Dance UK
The website has news from the dance world across the UK, with frequent features focusing on particular dance issues, styles, companies and productions. The Friday afternoon dance clip on Dance UK's Facebook is always fun too.

4. Kenneth MacMillan website
Dedicated to one of my favourite choreographers, the site gives detailed information about MacMillan's ballets as well as articles, photos and rehearsal footage.
5. Youtube
I couldn't miss Youtube off this list as its dance performance and insight videos offer almost endless entertainment. Search for your favourite dancer, company or work.
Other useful sites include the London Ballet Circle (a charity with news and event recommendations) Ballet News (especially its 'Cupcakes and Conversations' series), Dancing Times (with major international news and occasional special offers), The Guardian dance blog (opinions and reviews from critic Judith Mackrell) and the Ballet Bag (with blog posts on all things ballet).

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