Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bottle Mail from Okinawa

Bottle Mail from Okinawa, Ship of the Ryukyu, Spotlites @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival - reviewed on 19th August

Instead of a programme, audience members at Bottle Mail from Okinawa are presented with an Okinawa guidebook. Similarly, the post-show feedback form asks if you intend to visit the islands rather than whether you enjoyed the performance.

Situated to the south of Japan, Okinawa has a rich cultural heritage which is demonstrated impressively by Ship of the Ryukyu's brightly-costumed cast. Music and dance ranges from the melodic and mesmeric to the loud and confrontational, but it is always performed with skill and conviction.

The narrative is hard to follow and the show feels like a travel agent pitch, but Bottle Mail from Okinawa's performers shine with their joy onstage.

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