Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Bromance, Barely Methodical Troupe, Underbelly @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival - reviewed on 20th August

Photo: Matilda Temperley
The three performers in Bromance look like average guys. They shake each other's hands, introduce themselves and begin the typically male quest for one-upmanship, albeit in a particularly comedic manner. Who will be left out when it comes to applying hand lotion? Who can make the largest origami animal?

Of course, Barely Methodical Troupe is far from average, and in between its perfectly-conveyed awkward moments are some seriously impressive circus tricks. Whether being typically blokey, performing handstands, spinning inside a metal hoop or throwing each other around, the trio captivates.
I loved Bromance, and if you've ever tried to fit in without knowing how, you'll love it too.

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