Wednesday, 6 August 2014

International Dance Teacher Conference 2014

Musical theatre class, International Dance Teacher Conference 2014, Royal Ballet School – reviewed on 6th August

I've written about the International Dance Teacher Conference several times and was able to pop in again this year for a musical theatre session with Joseph Prouse. Teaching the 'Time of My Life' routine from Dirty Dancing, Prouse guided teachers through various humorously-named steps, from the 'sniffing the armpit banana pose' to the bouncy 'John Travolta walks' and 'showing the shiny belt buckle' hip thrusts. 

"It’s as if you're trying to seduce someone at the other side of the room and you're subtly dancing your way over to them. Everything should feel free and loose - you need to flow through positions rather than hit them," explained Prouse. 

In its entirety, the routine lasts seven minutes and includes the incredibly famous overhead 'flying' lift (pictured above). Teachers only learnt a small section but I was impressed by their energy and enthusiasm (even at 9.30am in the morning during the summer holidays!).

Most impressive of all, however, is the fact that International Dance Supplies has managed to make this annual dance teacher conference such a vibrant and exciting event. It's great that those training the next generation of performers have a place to dance, learn and get inspired.

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