Thursday, 21 August 2014

Kurakuraw Dance Glass Bead

Kurakuraw Dance Glass Bead, Tijmur Dance Theatre, Dance Base @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Fusing traditional Paiwan dance with more modern choreography, Kurakuraw Dance Glass Bead tells the tale of a kurakuraw (peacock) who comes from the sky to find a wife. The latter's tears later become the glass beads of the title.

With storytelling in the Paiwan language, it's impossible to understand what is happening without reference to the programme. But the beautiful movement quality of Tjimur Dance Theatre's dancers, combining fluidity and precision, engages nonetheless. In a tender love duet, embittered solo and final swirling fabric-swathed duo, Chu-Yuan Hsu and Ching-Hao Yang are utterly captivating.

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