Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sushi Tap Show

Photo: Nick Rutter
Sushi Tap Show, Tokyo TapDo!, C @ Edinburgh Fringe Festival - reviewed on 18th August
Have you ever wondered what a Japanese frog sounds like? Probably not. But if you go and see Sushi Tap Show, not only will you find out but you'll also enjoy a brilliant hour of humour, tricks and tapping. (It's kero kero, in case you're interested.)

The five cast members from Tap Do! are both skilled dancers and engaging comedians. Led by the no-last-name-needed Pokei, who plays all manner of characters from conductor to Japanese school girl, they are so delightful onstage that it would be hard not to warm to them.

As well as some great tapping, they throw hoops, cups, mops and anything else that can be caught to raise a cheer. I even found myself clapping along and shouting 'wow', 'miaow' and other strange words - including the Japanese frog sounds - in audience participation sections.

Sushi Tap Show isn't great art, but it's very good fun and I would gladly watch it again.

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