Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2014 Top 10 Dance

Photo: Patrick Balls
Here are my top 10 dance highlights for 2014:
Ashton’s choreography soared with Natalia Osipova as the unfulfilled housewife and Francesca Hayward as her lovesick teenage daughter.
Marianela Nunez in The Winter's Tale
Photo: Johan Persson
9. Shadows, part of Phoenix Dance Theatre’s mixed bill (November)
Christopher Bruce’s world premiere featured a fascinatingly claustrophobic family in which simmering emotions were left unexpressed under the need to conform to social convention.
Part of Sadler’s Sampled, two of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s reworked duets impressed with their innovativeness.
Gillian Lynne’s reconstruction of Robert Helpmann's 1944 ballet powerfully conveyed its characters' self-loathing and desperation in the slums of Glasgow.
Christopher Wheeldon’s choreography brought Shakespeare’s play vividly to life, with great performances by dancers including Edward Watson, Lauren Cuthbertson and Marianela Nuñez.
Dancers Jonathan Goddard, Clemmie Sveaas, Gemma Nixon and Christopher Akrill excelled in a diverse and engaging programme including humour and dance-drama.

Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev in Facada
Photo: Doug Gifford
4. Sushi Tap Show (August)
Tap Do!’s heart-warming and comedic Edinburgh Fringe show had me shouting out ‘kero kero’ and other strange words.

3. DV8's John (November)
This verbatim physical theatre work compellingly conveyed the disturbing, abusive and very sexual real-life narrative of the title figure.   
2. Facada, part of Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev’s Solo for Two (August)
Arthur Pita’s tale of a jilted bride perfectly showcased the versatility of its two stars, even culminating with an aggressive solo for Osipova on her groom’s grave.
1. Dust, part of English National Ballet’s Lest We Forget (April)
Akram Khan combined animalistic movements with tenderly entwined shapes to powerful effect in his World War One inspired choreography.

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