Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Urban Village Fete

Urban Village Fete, Greenwich Peninsula - reviewed on 10th May

Greenwich Peninsula's Urban Village Fete expectedly included children's activities and stalls selling local products, but what was less expected was the inclusion of a variety of excellent dance performances and workshops. Swing Patrol gave charleston and jive demonstrations, whilst Folk Dance Remixed showcased their unique blend of hip hop and traditional maypole dancing. Both companies also offered fun and informal opportunities for audience members - from toddlers to older adults - to join in.
Beren D’Amico and Louis Gift in Bromance

The fete's highlight was Barely Methodical Troupe's Bromance (a 20 minute excerpt of the full show which I reviewed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year). In spite of the less-than-ideal stone floor covered in tiny pieces of gravel, performers Beren D’Amico, Charlie Wheeller and Louis Gift excelled in a delightful combination of male awkwardness, dance and impressive circus skills.

The fete also included a stall offering 'takeaway poems'. I placed an order for something about ballet and received the following bespoke verse:
Tutus, pointe shoes, ballet is for me
Tutus, pointe shoes, effortless and extraordinary
Tutus, pointe shoes, my favourite - I can't name one
Tutus, pointe shoes, it's amazing - you should come!

Bravo to the Urban Village Fete for programming such vibrant dance activities and making then accessible for all.

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